Content Marketing

Boost your products and services, using a strategic plan and targeted content. At RADIFEL, the DIGITAL MARKETING team has the experience to methodically create content marketing strategies with practical solutions, in order to achieve maximum possible impact on your audience by satisfying the needs of your customers and building a profile of trust to them.

Content marketing is a strategy that aims to create a valuable promotional content in order to attract your prospective clients and increase their interest in the company’s products or services, as well as to retain existing clientele. This leads to the establishment of a continuous dynamic presence against the competition, with an ever increasing trend.

Content marketing is a recurring marketing strategy that entails the creation of quality content (texts and articles), that should purposefully be fully informative, and documented way, in order for it to be adequately promoted, thus covering the needs of your customers, and building a reliable and stable relationship of trust between your company and your clients and in that way leading to the definite buying of your products or services and therefore to the increase in sales and profitability. Moreover, content marketing contributes to the reinforcement and continuous increase of your brand’s awareness. Equally to the search engine optimization of your website, resulting in high traffic and organic ranking in the first positions of Google.

At RADIFEL, we offer integrated content marketing services, tailored to your corporate needs. With a targeted strategy, we create quality content that ensures the company’s dynamic presence against the competition, increasing its profitability. Companies use creative content to reinforce the value of their product or service. With an engaging content more potential customers are attracted and the company’s credibility increases.

Content Marketing is one of the most effective methods of attracting new audiences and customers to your website and business. It is a powerful tool of communication and interaction between the business and the customers.An informative, well-documented, promotional content is the first step to attract potential customers. 

  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Increase of website traffic
  • Increase of organic traffic at Google
  • Increase of website and e-shop traffic
  • Interaction with internal and external backlinks
  • Sharing of social media, Google Ads, Email Marketing content
  • Google analytics of views from promotional ad banners at NEWSONLINE.COM.CY & collaborating Media
  • Google Analytics Evaluation of the results of the website from Google services.
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