Copywriting, as a key element of advertising, is defined as the service of writing persuasive well-documented texts,towards the reading audience in order to persuade it into buying a product or service. At RADIFEL, copywriters have the writing experience and prowess needed, follow the techniques below:

Competition & keywords research

Provision of information on the advantages of the product or service with the aim of better positioning it to the buying public

Provision of information to the public regarding the product or service

Creation of a targeted text title

These create engaging texts that target the needs of consumers and draw their attention, cleverly encouraging them to buy the product or service

Texts to engage and connect the buying public with the product and service

The ultimate goal of copywriting is the purchase of a product or service, subscription to a newsletter, an engaging text at, at a blog, social media, in a radio spot or tv spot, podcast, even telephone call. With an engaging copywriting result you can showcase your services, and gain a comparative advantage against the competition

Engaging e-shop texts

Engaging texts for radio spots, tv spots, and podcasts

Engaging eBook written texts

Landing website pages

Google ads

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