Google Ads

Google ads is a Google service. Any business can advertise its services and products on the search engine for a fee. Google adwords (ads) include product listings and even videos, attracting more interested customers and their purchasing frequency. 

Our Google ads services also can advertise via ou news portal 


Google search ads

Appear with text in search results, allowing you to attract potential customers who are searching Google for your products or services. They appear either on the top or the bottom of the website.


Google display ads

A type of banner allowing you to attract the public, with engaging ads appearing in millions of websites, and applications belonging to GOOGLE & YOUTUBE


Google video ads

Video ads on YouTube, websites. Video campaigns boost your business’ awareness with real, immediate results.


Shopping ads

Product listings to sell stock. Ads appear in Google search results. Store owners may use this type of ads.


Application ads

Help you find new app users, increasing sales through your app. Contains information from your application to optimize ads when searching at Google Play, and YouTube.


Remarketing campaigns

Website promotion, targeted to users that have previously visited your site, e-shop and advertising banners via news


We create your digital google ads campaign, initially setting the budget of your choice. We determine the google ads campaign goals, in a plan fully adjusted to the needs of your business, showcasing the products and services you want to promote.

Google Ads services



  • Continuous monitoring of the ad campaign, making the necessary additions, when needed.
  • Client-user behavior analysis.
  • Data analysis of GOOGLE ADS methods, keyword research

Google ads benefits

  • Cost per click
  • Price check
  • View
  • Results list


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