Marketing plan

For us, at R A D I F E L, a marketing plan is the strategy implemented by the company’s marketing department. It includes the study and analysis of all the factors that influence the actions to be followed. It results in specific conclusions for your business, by identifying opportunities, but also threats, as well as strengths and weaknesses. A marketing plan must cover (at least) 12 months and contain specific and measurable goals. This way, a business owner is aware of the things he/she needs to do every month, how to do it, and how to evaluate the results. This kind of planning eliminates the stress of promoting the company and the need for extra expenses.

When is it necessary to prepare a marketing plan?

1)To achieve goals related to the increase of sales

2) To build foundations for the future

3)To increase awareness and establish the company in the market

4)To launch new products and services

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